The creation of 22Local, in partnership with the Travel and Tourism Board, has provided a sense of community, economic uplift and a creative business solution during one of the most trying times our community has ever experienced.

It has been an honor to support your business and our community with 22Local. After receiving vendor feedback and evaluating customer’s desire for a product like this, we’ve determined that the need for 22Local is sunsetting. It has fulfilled its intended purpose, but we are now looking to focus time and energy into supporting local business through other means where there is an immediate need and desire.

The site will stop taking purchases immediately, but vendor portals will remain active while we finalize and fulfill any outstanding orders and pay out all vendors for their final payment. If you have questions or concerns here, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you! We will continue moving forward in making our economy the strongest it can be by supporting all of you!

The 22Local Team

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